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Outerspaces Water Feature Process

A stunning vanishing edge water feature that reflects a glass Buddha.. A contemporary indoor ornamental pool that creates waves of dancing light through a stair way.. A dramatic fountain choreographed to music.. A massive elegant antique fountain at the home of John D Rockefeller...


These are only a few examples of what we can create. Welcome to the website of OuterSpaces Fountains the leading designer and installer of custom fountain in the mid Atlantic region. We have worked on a variety of fountain projects and can build virtually anything that holds water.


We specialize in complex designs, construction, and finishes.  Our body of work speaks volumes about our commitment to superior quality and our ability to flawlessly execute even in the most demanding locations. We offer design and installation of filtration, hydraulic, mechanical, and water sanitation systems to private clients and leisure properties. Our knowledge and experience in the field of  pumping, automation, and lighting systems allows us to design & construct fountains of an exceptional quality that are always thoroughly vetted to ensure they meet our unparalleled high standards before handing over to you for years of pleasant enjoyment.


From initial design consultation through fabrication and  installation and follow-up indoctrination, the OuterSpaces Fountains team combines quality workmanship and careful equipment selection with an exceptional level of customer service. Fountain installation methods and techniques are continually being improved in response to industry advances. Whether it is a brand new koi pond design and installation project or renovation of an existing fountain – OuterSpaces  provides a personal and customized service that is tailor made to your requirements.


Outstanding fountain design is about creating a balance between architectural aesthetics and function. It is essential that the water feature look fantastic even when it isn’t running. We have the knowledge and experience to design beautiful, easy to maintain and energy efficient fountains that fit your homes character and fit your needs. Our fountain designers have experience in designing luxury custom water elements that will exceed your expectations and add value to your property. An OuterSpaces fountain consultant meets with new clients to discuss their ideas and needs. We analyze the sites topography, your lifestyle requirements, space limitations, budget constraints, and the architecture of the home and landscape. Each fountain design is tailored specifically to the individual so that the completed water feature will reflect the personality of the owner. The process starts with a contact meeting, preferably on site, to understand your needs and establish a basic design concept for the home and landscape.


We then prepare a preliminary design drawing using 3D CAD imaging, a specification document and a budget price.. We may go back and forth a few times until we reach a point where we both feel comfortable with the design and the budget.  It is not until this time that we expect or clients to sign a contract to take the project on to the architectural design, engineering and permitting phase. There is then a final quote and contract that meticulously lays out all the costs associated with the projects. If you wish we will handle everything not just the fountain, our parent company the OuterSpaces group is the Philadelphia areas premier designer and installer of exceptional landscapes, swimming pools and outdoor living spaces.  Through the OuterSpaces group we can construct an entire project from start to finish regardless of how complex.  


OuterSpaces has worked with many of Philadelphia and New York’s finest architects and landscape architects. These experts utilize our fountain design services from the initial concept stage so that the completed water feature harmonizes with the surrounds and results in an attractive and functional architectural element. We have the attitude, education, training, experience and vision to help you make your aspiration come true by maximizing your returns on the money spent and simplifying the entire construction process.

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